Carpal tunnel surgery

In the early stages of carpal tunnel syndrome, you may wake up at night with tingling fingers, and weakness of your hand in the morning. This tingling happens when the nerve (median nerve) that gives feeling to your thumb, index, middle fingers, and part of the ring finger, gets squeezed in the carpal tunnel of your wrist. When carpal tunnel syndrome progresses, the tingling can worsen to permanent numbness, and in some cases paralysed muscles in your thumb.

Do you need carpal tunnel surgery?

Most importantly, your hand needs to be assessed and the correct diagnosis made. If diagnosed and treated early, you will make a quick and complete recovery. If the nerve has been compressed for a long period of time, the recovery is usually slow and may be incomplete. During your consultation, Dr Patrick Lyall will discuss with you non-surgical options such as a splint or steroid injection.

Your carpal tunnel surgery

Patrick is highly skilled and experienced with the surgical technique. Patrick usually performs your carpal tunnel surgery under local anaesthetic in his clinic rooms at Fernbrae house. The operation may take 60 minutes, and you will be able to go home afterwards. You won’t be able to drive yourself immediately after your surgery (because the involved hand will be numb). As with any medical procedure, there is a risk of complications. Patrick will explain them in detail during the consultation process.

Your recovery after carpal tunnel surgery

You may experience some tenderness at the site of the surgery for a few days, so regular oral pain relief is recommended. Expect to return to a desk job within a few days. It takes longer to return to physical work. The stitches are usually dissolving and don't need to be removed. You may require some physiotherapy after your surgery to help regain strength and range of movement. Patrick will organise an appointment with a Hand Therapist.

Carpal tunnel surgery cost at enhanceme

Patrick will always give you a personal cost estimate before any procedure is agreed on. You can expect your carpal tunnel surgery to cost about $1,900 for one-sided decompression under local anaesthetic, and $2,850 if you need both hands operated on. If you prefer to be asleep (general anaesthetic) for the procedure, Patrick will provide an estimate that includes his fee as the surgeon, as well as hospital and anaesthetic fees. A 60 minute procedure at Mercy Hospital as a day surgery patient typically costs $6,600 in total.

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