Breast reconstruction

There it is. The diagnosis: Breast cancer. And the oncological surgeon recommends a mastectomy.

You’re already dealing with so much on this journey of survival and recovery. Let Dr Patrick Lyall support you when it comes to your breast reconstruction. Patrick’s years of experience make him the expert you want on your team to restore the shape, volume and symmetry of your breasts. And if you have to undergo a double mastectomy, there are several techniques Patrick applies regularly to undertake bilateral breast reconstruction.

From mastectomy to breast reconstruction

A partial mastectomy may be recommended if one of your breasts is affected by cancer. In this case, Patrick will focus his attention on optimising the shape and position of natural features of your breast to look very much like the natural, unaffected breast. Sometimes the best result is achieved by making adjustments to the other breast as well. 

During the enhanceme consultation process, you will define your wishes, with Patrick’s advice guiding you. Once you have decided together what your breast(s) should look like, Patrick will provide you with a personal cost estimate.

The procedure

Your breast reconstruction is performed under general anaesthetic at Mercy Hospital. Depending on the exact procedure you and Patrick have agreed on, the operation may be quite long. Complex procedures often require up to 4 nights spent in hospital. A sequence of operations may be your best option to achieve the optimal result. Complications may occur, all of which Patrick will talk you through during the consultation process.

Recovery after breast reconstruction

Wound management after this type of surgery is usually straight forward. You will be up and out of bed the same day, but you will experience some discomfort for a while. After your hospital stay, Patrick and his nurse will see you regularly to monitor your healing process. For about six weeks following your breast reconstruction, you will need to wear supportive garments.

Your time off work after breast reconstruction depends on the nature of your work. If you have a desk job, expect to be off work for four to six weeks. If your occupation is more physically demanding, recovery may take up to eight weeks.

Breast reconstruction cost at enhanceme

After you and Patrick agree on the details of your procedure, he will provide you with a personal cost estimate. Time spent in the operating theatre and hospital are a major factor in the total cost. The estimate will include Patrick’s fee as your plastic surgeon, as well as hospital and anaesthetic fees. If you and Patrick agree on a simultaneous breast lift or breast implants, this will incur additional cost.

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