There are plenty of reasons why you might consider a liposuction. Every body is unique, as are the areas where stubborn excess fat accumulates. For you, it may be above and around the hips, thighs, arms or a combination thereof. No matter which areas of your body you love the least, Dr Patrick Lyall at enhanceme has the experience to bring out your best self, together.

Your way to liposuction, enhanceme style

Patrick performs liposuctions regularly. The perfect solution depends on your body, and your desired outcome. During the enhanceme consultation process, you’ll define your wishes, with Patrick’s advice guiding you.

Liposuction: the procedure

Patrick will perform your liposuction under general anaesthetic at Mercy Hospital in Dunedin. The exact nature of your procedure will dictate the length of the operation. You will need to stay in hospital overnight. As with any medical procedure, you may experience complications. It is common to combine liposuction with other simultaneous procedures. Patrick will talk you through your options and their possible complications during your consultation.

Your recovery

While recovery times vary between procedures and patients, you can expect to be off work for 2 weeks if you have a desk job, or up to 4 weeks if your work is more physically demanding. Patrick will discuss and organise the optimal type of post surgery compression garments to help achieve the best results. Your return to exercise needs to be gradual with consideration given to the healing areas.

Liposuction cost at enhanceme

Patrick will always give you a personal cost estimate before any procedure is agreed on. The biggest influence on cost is time spent in the operating theatre. Liposuction cost typically varies from $7,000 - $14,000 (1-3 hours) which includes Patrick’s fee as the surgeon, as well as hospital and anaesthetic fees.

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