Breast augmentation

We all know it: our body changes over time. Weight gain, weight loss, pregnancy, just life – there are endless changes your body has to adapt to. And your breasts are no exception. While weight loss and having babies are the most common reasons why patients at enhanceme consider a breast augmentation, you will have your very own reasons to look into surgical options.

And no matter what your “why” may be, Dr Patrick Lyall at enhanceme has the expertise and the experience to bring out your best self, together.

Why consider a breast augmentation?

Maybe you’ve always wanted larger breasts, or maybe they used to be fuller, but life has changed them. Now’s the time to consider a breast augmentation, for yourself.

Your way to larger breasts, enhanceme style

There are a lot of decisions to make when it comes to selecting the right volume, shape and type of implants. You may be interested in enhancing your breast volume by fat grafting, or perhaps implants are the best solution for you. Patrick will guide you through all these choices. You also need to know about all implant related issues and risks before making a decision, which will be a major part of your consultation with Patrick.

Often patients like to combine other procedure with the breast enlargement and take advantage of the recovery period. The best solution will depend on your body, and your desired outcome. During the enhanceme consultation process, you will define your wishes, with Patrick’s advice guiding you. Once you have decided what your enhanced breasts should look like, Patrick will provide you with a personal cost estimate.

The breast enlargement procedure

Patrick will perform your breast enlargement under general anaesthetic at Mercy Hospital. A typical breast augmentation operation takes 2 hours. The surgery time will be longer if you are having a simultaneous breast lift or another procedure under the same anaesthetic. You will need to stay in hospital overnight. As with any medical procedure, you may experience complications. Patrick will talk you through them in detail during the consultation process.

Your recovery after breast augmentation

Immediately after surgery, there will be swelling and you can expect to be sore for up to a couple of weeks. After leaving hospital, Patrick will arrange frequent follow-up to monitor your healing process. Your return to exercise will need to be gentle. You’ll need to wear a supportive bra for about six weeks, and then, you’ll be able to go bra shopping!

While recovery times vary between procedures and patients, you can expect to be off work for 2 weeks if you have a desk job, or up to 6 weeks if your job is more physically demanding.

How long do breast implants last?

Your breast enlargement can last for decades, but the average life span of implants is about 10 years. By then, you may choose to replace your implants, or have them removed. It is safe to have a mammography with breast implants.

Breast augmentation cost at enhanceme

Patrick will always give you a personal cost estimate before any procedure is agreed on. The biggest influence on cost is time spent in the operating theatre. The typical cost is $11,000 Patrick’s fee as the surgeon, as well as hospital and anaesthetic fees. The breast implants used will cost an additional $1,850 - $3,400 depending on the type of implant. If you and Patrick agree on a simultaneous breast lift, this will incur additional cost.

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