Breast lift

For the most part, gravity is our friend. But when combined with time and other events life throws at you, the results may be frustrating at least. Breasts can lose their perkiness over time. This is where a breast lift, performed by Dr Patrick Lyall here at enhanceme, can help. Let’s make you proud of your breasts!

Your way to perkier breasts, enhanceme style

Having performed many breast lifts over the span of his career, Patrick is an expert in common breast lift techniques. Patrick sometimes combines a breast lift with a breast augmentation or an abdominoplasty. Your own body, and your desired outcome will dictate the approach you and Patrick ultimately agree on. During the enhanceme consultation process, Patrick’s advice will guide you in defining your wishes. Once you have decided what your enhanced breasts should look like, Patrick will provide you with a personal cost estimate.

The breast lift procedure

Your breast lift is performed under general anaesthetic at Mercy Hospital. The operation always involves removing some the skin of the breast (re-shaping) and usually repositioning the nipple-areolar complex. Adjustment to volume can also be made if your breast volume is asymmetrical. Depending on the exact procedure you and Patrick have agreed on, the operation usually takes about 3 hours. You will need to spend one night in hospital after the operation. Complications may occur, all of which Patrick will talk to you about during the consultation process.

Your recovery

You may be surprised by the minimal discomfort after surgery, but you will still need to be careful with exercise for about six weeks. Once you are back home after your hospital stay, Patrick will arrange regular follow-up to monitor your healing process. For about six weeks following your breast lift, you will need to wear a soft supportive bra. After that, you will finally be able to go bra shopping!

If you have a desk job, expect to be off work for two weeks. This recovery phase may be as long as six weeks if your occupation is more physically demanding.

How long does the breast lift last?

Time, gravity and changes in skin quality are hard to escape. They all have an effect on the human body. Your breast shape, position and symmetry will always be better than it was.  The procedure can be repeated, but this is very rarely required. 

Breast lift cost at enhanceme

Before you and Patrick agree on the details of your procedure, he will provide you with a custom cost estimate. How much time you spend in the operating theatre is a major factor. For your breast lift, you can expect a typical cost of about $14,000 which includes Patrick’s fee as your plastic surgeon, as well as hospital and anaesthetic fees. If you and Patrick agree on a simultaneous breast enlargement, this will be an additional cost.

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