Breast reduction surgery

Oh, the topics society doesn’t fancy talking about. Living with the physical and psychological challenges that come with very large breasts is certainly among them. Breast reduction surgery (also called reduction mammoplasty) will change your life forever. Patrick at enhanceme is here to help you achieve a better quality of life, including breasts you love. Whether or not you want to talk about it afterwards is up to you!

The benefits

If you live with very large breasts, you may experience back and neck pain and headaches. Your bra straps probably indent your shoulders and you may have a permanent rash underneath your breasts (intertrigo). Your breasts may also keep you from being as active as you want to be – they’re in the way, quite literally. With these physical limitations often come mental challenges, like social anxiety or a negative self image.

Your way to smaller breasts, enhanceme style

Dr Patrick Lyall, your plastic surgeon here at enhanceme, has performed this surgery for two decades. During your consultation, Patrick will assess your options, and together, you will decide on your desired outcome, including the shape and size of your breasts.

Surgery and recovery

Your surgery will take place at Mercy Hospital under general anaesthetic. The operation typically takes 3.5-5 hours. You will need to stay in hospital for 1-2 nights. There is a risk of complications, as is the case with any medical procedure. Patrick will give you detailed information about the risks involved.

Patients are often surprised by how little discomfort there is after surgery. The biggest difference is literally the weight off your chest. This immediately reduces the mechanical stress on your shoulders, neck and back. There is usually minimal swelling of the breasts, but it does take about 3 months from them to settle into their final shape. After you return home from the hospital, Patrick will arrange regular follow-up to monitor your healing process to ensure the best possible long-term results. You’ll need to wear a supportive bra for about six weeks, and then, you’ll be able to go bra shopping!

Recovery times vary depending on the extent of your procedure and your body’s healing capacity. You can expect to be off work for 3-4 weeks if you have a desk job, or up to 6 weeks if your job is more physically demanding. Your return to exercise will need to be gradual.

Results of your surgery

The pain in your neck and shoulder area should improve significantly and immediately thanks to the lower weight of your smaller breasts. And you can look forward to having your confidence boosted, and self-image improved with breasts that are in proportion with the rest of your body. The change will be permanent. Breast screening can continue after the procedure. Changes within the breast tissue should have settled by 6 months. 

Breast reduction cost at enhanceme

As is the case with any procedure performed here at enhanceme, Patrick will give you a personal cost estimate after your consultation. Total time spent in theatre and the number of nights in hospital will influence the cost of your procedure. The typical cost is between $20,000-$25,000. This includes Patrick’s fee as the surgeon, as well as hospital and anaesthetic fees. If you and Patrick agree on a simultaneous liposuction, this will come with an additional cost.

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